1066 Dakota Skye

1067 Tracy Delicious

1068 Kalina Ryu

Shoot Location: Amalfi, Italy

Scene 1

Shore are Tight Shorts. 10:51

This may be the one instance where you find yourself gazing upon the background in spite of the gorgeous girl standing right in front of you. The Amalfi coastline is a real eye catcher but it’s not long before Tracy’s amazing butt grabs all of the attention. Her shorts are super tight with her ass cheeks literally spilling out of them. There’s plenty of bend over posing first in her jean shorts and later in just her lacy orange panties.

Bummin' Round. 16:29

With all clothing now removed Tracy’s amazing smooth undercarriage is revealed with stunning clarity in multiple positions. The fullness around her hips, ass and thighs gives her poses some fantastic shape. She does a beautifully wobbly twerk in the doggy style position and then spends much of the rest of the clip spreading her ass and pussy for your inspection. There is a brief bit of crawling around that is especially nice and a beautiful pose just lying on her front with her legs together.

Getting a Little Tail. ITC Favorite 13:25

Tracy’s gorgeous ass gets tons of attention in this anal toy scene. The initial ass fingering action is super sexy and is soon followed up by a very unique toy up the butt. Using a toy with an egg shaped body and a long stalk attached all you see sticking out of her ass is the skinny stem with the remainder of the toy sunk deep in her ass. You’ll love the way she flexes her butt hole making the toy squirm around up her ass. Also especially entertaining is the way she pulls the toy out of her ass. The second half of the video features a beautiful pose lying on her front with her legs wide open giving a great view straight up her ass while she fiddles with the toy. We get some amazing close up views right in her ass crack as she fingers her ass hole and flexes her anal muscle in and out.