1058 Carmen Caliente

1059 Henessy

1060 Mandy Muse

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Checker out. 13:25

Henessy’s checker pattern panties have an interesting look from the back as the pattern wraps around under her crotch and all the way into her ass crack. Additionally the shape of her ass crack is quite open with large pussy lips bulging prominently under the material making for a very nice underside view. Through the first half of this clip she stands by the door and then later moves onto her bed. Her pose lying on her front with her legs wide open though not nude is still very revealing at least in terms of her curves around her crotch and ass crack. In the last few minutes she pulls her panties down around her thighs giving a very sexy introduction to her bare pussy and ass.

Henessy Handler. 11:19

This clip starts with all nude posing with lots of non stop close up pussy and ass ogling and then progresses to a pretty extensive finger masturbation session. Her open leg and bend over posing are very revealing with her ass crack naturally wide open even when she is not spreading it. She spends a lot of time lying on her front with her legs wide open and her ass thrust up into your face. After a while she starts lightly touching her anus and pussy lips and it gradually merges into a vigorous pussy rubbing scene. Near the end she turns onto her back and brings the action to a climax with lots of tension and moaning.

Buzzy Bawdy. 5:19

Henessy upgrades to a heavy duty vibrator to continue the masturbation. It’s not long at all before she reaches an enthusiastic orgasm. After one orgasm lying on her back she turns over onto her front and vibrates her pussy to another orgasm with her ass up in your face. You can see the moisture glistening in her pussy slit after the second orgasm and then she sticks her fingers in it to show off her wetness.

Deep in the End Zone. 9:06

Now using a glass dildo Henessy fucks herself in the ass. It’s a pretty decent sized toy that she manages a lot more than just a dabble with. There’s also some very nice hands free posing with the dildo lodged up her ass. The close up view while lying on her side really shows off the pussy lips bulging prominently right next to the action. The action picks up when she turns onto her front with her legs wide open and her ass thrust up high for a good fucking. After she is done with the toy she uses her fingers to rummage around up her ass. Her posture is really excellent throughout with her ass virtually always thrust out and exposed as much as possible.