1057 August Ames

1058 Carmen Caliente

1059 Henessy

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

It's Twirly for this. 9:45

Carmen’s short free flowing dress offers some pretty easy upskirt viewing, especially when she starts twirling around making her skirt fly up. There’s also a very deliberate upskirt view from directly underneath with only her thong panties hiding the naughty bits. She takes her panties off with several minutes remaining allowing for some more revealing upskirt views to end the clip. Much of the time she holds her dress right up over her ass giving a completely bottomless view.

Grounds for a Peel. 11:27

Carmen shows off her bare pussy and ass in several positions on a chair in the garden. Though her dress stays on through much of this it is almost all bare pussy and ass viewing with the dress pulled up over her ass the whole time.

Scene 2

Here Cums my Step Fucker. 12:21

Now indoors, Carmen sits on the stairs and gets busy with a pink rubber dildo. She oozes some pretty creamy pussy juice early on and then again later as the action pics up. Her bend over pose is maybe slightly awkward but she then turns around to sit in an excellent position with her ass on the edge of the stair and hovering in mid air. The climax comes with the dildo rubbing hard on the outside of her pussy with her big meaty lips hanging open around the toy as it flaps vigorously through her gaping slit.

Scene 3

Ledge go for a Walk. 5:20

Now outside again Carmen takes a flirty stroll in the ledge beside the pool. She starts with her dress on once again cavorting back and forth the ledge quite flamboyantly with her dress flapping around in the air. She then gets naked and does her little catwalk again. At the end she ends up hanging from the tree like a monkey.