1059 Henessy

1060 Mandy Muse

1061 Vicki Chase & Vanessa Veracruz

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

Jiggle Junk. 10:50

This voluptuous girl has got some substantial jiggly meat on her bones, especially on the ass. She virtually jiggles while standing still. Her impressive rear end gets a lot of attention through this strip tease with her butt usually hanging out of the bottom of her dress. After the dress comes off she gets on the bed bending over and creating a lot of wobbly action with her ass in the air and twerking around. The clip ends with a beautiful bare bottom spread with the panties down around her thighs.

Between the Cheeks. 10:02

With all of the clothes now off Mandy shows off her pussy and ass with lots of spreading and some bend over posing. She manages a very nice pussy spread revealing her open vagina with a decent gape and nice lighting. Her bend over pose thrusts some pretty amazing curves into your face. Towards the end she squats backward sitting virtually on your face.

A Pressing Matter. 14:39

Mandy uses a powerful vibrator to rattle her clitoris really hard in an attempt to bring on a genuine orgasm. It’s questionable as to whether it actually worked as she may have become a bit desensitized by the heavy vibrations. There are brief moments however when her vagina virtually pushes itself inside out. In the later half she turns around doggy style with the toy lodged against her clit hands free.

I Muse to this Stuff. 12:07

Mandy’s anal scene starts with her applying lubrication and dabbling a finger up her ass hole. The first close up view in her crack is pretty stunning with excellent lighting and outstanding clarity. She then uses a chrome butt plug which she pops up her ass with no effort at all. She spends some time just popping the toy in and out of her ass while bending over, sometimes twerking and sometimes just letting you look up her bare ass with the toy outside. Half way through she stands up with the butt plug still up her ass. The sheer size of her ass cheeks and depth of her crack make the toy completely disappear in her ass crack when she stands fully upright. Later she gets back on the bed and shows off her ass crack once more while lying on her front with the legs open. There are a number of outstanding close up views in her ass crack spread throughout this clip. She surely has a beautiful anus that is worthy of close up inspection.