1053 Candice Dare

1054 Jessie Jazz

1055 Cindy Starfall

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

Pretty Jazzy. 17:08

Though looking quite elegant in her red dress Jessie looks even better out of her dress with her best angle being the front side with curvy hips and a very nice set of boobs. Her black pantyhose feature prominently with no gusset obscuring the view allowing you to see the pussy right through the sheer material. The last 4 minutes is all nude posing including some rather graphic pussy and ass spreading while bending over and squatting in your face.

Jessie the Size of That? 7:15

Jessie’s red rubber dildo has some considerable length to it, though she really only buries about half of it’s length in her pussy. After working at it for a while she gets quite juicy with a little stream of white goo flowing through her ass crack.

Jazz Jammin’. 5:23

There’s 5 minutes of light butt play to end this video as Jessie uses one, and sometimes two fingers to dabble around in her ass hole. Near the end she adds a little bit of pussy rubbing with her other hand stimulating the front and back sides simultaneously.