1052 Luna Star

1053 Candice Dare

1054 Jessie Jazz

Shoot Location: Rancho Mirage, California

Scene 1

Show you Round my Lace. ITC Favorite 13:40

This tease video has the perfect combination of a beautiful pair of panties on the ultimate butt lovers ass. Candice really has the perfect big butt with really full jiggly curves while still being firm enough to show no cellulite at all. The lace panties cut the perfect line over her cheeks allowing plenty of cheek to spill out of her panties while still teasing with the naughty bits just out of view. She spends plenty of time lying on her front allowing your eyes to explore all around her ass with the legs both closed and wide open. Other than the last half minute there is no bottomless nudity in this as we just focus on her beautiful cheeks and panties.

Candice Cause Ass Fixation? 17:02

We get our first look at Candice’s bare ass crack with her panties pulled just down under her butt with the crotch still partly stuck to her pussy. They stay there for a while through several poses while we worship her amazing ass. She gets her panties completely off one third through the clip and we have a little interlude of pussy spreading before returning to the ass worship. There’s a small segment of close up ass crack views though most of this is at more moderate distance to take in the full shape of her majestic rear end and underside. The latter portions of this clip feature a bend over ass up pose with her ass facing away from the camera taking in her ass curves from a different perspective.

Use Cushion on the Humps. 4:08

You will have cushion envy in this scene as one of the bed cushions gets thoroughly mushed up her pussy and ass in this humping video. It’s not at all graphic but her action is especially sexy as she squats on the cushion and virtually fucks it. You might well imagine your face being substituted for this cushion.

Dare and Back. 11:54

Candice shows off her rather thick curves in motion with a fashion walk into the bathroom and back. There’s lots of back and forth walking both in and out of her blue lace panties. The close up butt views are quite stunning with the panties beautifully adorning her jiggling butt cheeks. The last couple of minutes is all about crawling rather than walking.

I Fuckin Dare you. 8:22

Candice uses a small purple rubber dildo in this masturbation scene. A good portion of this has her lying on her front while operating the toy from underneath leaving a full view straight up her ass while she fucks herself.