1054 Jessie Jazz

1055 Cindy Starfall

1056 Skin Diamond

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

White Hot Star. ITC Favorite 11:04

Cindy’s adorable personality bubbles over in this strip tease video with lots of playful flirting and constant cheerfulness. The colours of this set are quite stunning with vibrant blues and greens against the stark desert mountain and all under a cloudless blue sky. Her crisp white bikini is the perfect match for this colourful desert oasis and it comes off with several minutes remaining for a decent introduction to her stunningly perfect pussy and ass. Her first dip of her fingers in her pussy produces an impressive flood of white creamy pussy juice.

Shelf Indulgence. ITC Favorite 5:56

Cindy gets down in the water on the shallow shelf in the pool. Her bend over posing is pretty spectacular with her gorgeous ass twerking around just above the waterline. She also poses on her front with her legs together letting the water flow up and down her ass crack.

Pour it on. ITC Favorite 6:32

Continuing in a similar fashion to the previous clip we enlist the help of an off camera assistant to pour multiple jugs of water all down Cindy’s ass. The bend over poses are amongst some of the best we have ever shot with spectacular clarity, beautiful colours and a truly amazing ass. Her playful dirty talk with her quirky Vietnamese accent adds some character to the scene.

She Fuck Cindy Pool. 8:29

Cindy leans back on the chair in the middle of the pool to use a small rubber vibrating dildo. There’s a fair amount of dirty talking throughout this masturbation scene with some occasional streams of pussy juice. Once again the lighting is excellent with beautiful clarity showing every pore in her flawless skin.