1051 Abby Lee Brazil & Abby Cross

1052 Luna Star

1053 Candice Dare

Shoot Location: Rancho Mirage, California

Any and all of these clips have a case to be an inthecrack favourite with the vibrant colours of the set and the most beautiful ass and pussy on display throughout this video. Video compression may be an issue on some monitors due to the detail in the foliage and constantly moving pixels though the video is pretty spectacular otherwise.

Scene 1

Star for the Course. ITC Favorite 5:55

Luna makes her way through a mini golf course playing golf with her ass completely hanging out of her bright red shorts. Any pro golfers will have a good laugh at her not so pro golfing skills with lots of amateur technique and cheating along the way. What she lacks in golf skills she more than makes up for in eye candy with some seriously eye popping girlie bits hanging out of her outfit as she wiggles up and down the course. She makes a point of bending over seductively to look for her ball in the bushes. Suffice it to say no one was keeping score on this round of golf.

Heat Ledger. 9:13

Luna stands on the ledge at the edge of the pool to do her strip tease peeling out of a bright red bikini. There’s a number of excellent low angle views looking up to her ass both in and out of her bikini. Things get quite entertaining as she starts dancing on top of the camera and twerking her ass with her bare girlie bits flapping around over your face.

I Star Twerk at One Flirty. 8:46

Luna gets in the jacuzzi now and puts on quite an awesome ass show with plenty of twerking and bend over posing. You’ll love how she jacks her ass up out of the water while lying on her front with her legs wide open. She has got one of the most beautiful asses on our site and it gets all of the attention accordingly throughout virtually all of this clip. Her ass skin couldn’t be more flawless with a beautiful tan complexion and a nice thick set of pussy lips to complete the picture.

Water Nice Booty. ITC Favorite 6:32

Much of this clip is similar to the previous one but with the addition of streams of water flowing all over her ass from an off camera assistant. Once again the ass views are pretty spectacular with her perfect booty filling your screen with gorgeous curves and jiggles. She spends most of this clip twerking her ass around just out of the water and jacking it up in your face.

Walled her Cunt Right. ITC Favorite 9:34

Luna uses a big pink dildo while lying back on the edge of the jacuzzi. The dildo goes in nice and easy in spite of everything being wet with water and you can see that her pussy is naturally creaming up throughout all of this. There’s some amazingly clear views with her pussy and ass crack well lit up. Ass lovers will enjoy her gorgeous anus flexing in and out as she rubs the toy hard against her pussy.

Pretty Swimmin’. 6:52

The video takes a decidedly more softcore turn now with some much more elegant posing in the jacuzzi followed by a swim in the large pool. Some of the jacuzzi footage is shot zoomed in from a distance with Luna looking more like a sports illustrated babe. Later she displays some pretty slick swimming skills diving in head first into the large pool and manoeuvring around under water like a pro swimmer. Her swimming skills and her golfing skills are at complete opposite ends of the talent spectrum.