1050 Alexis Adams

1051 Abby Lee Brazil & Abby Cross

1052 Luna Star

Shoot Location: Dominical, Costa Rica

Scene 1

Touring a Cross Brazil. 9:34

The two Abbys spend a fair amount of time just admiring each other while still in their dresses. There’s a really nice bend over pose with both girls doing the same pose side by side and bumping their asses together. Later the dresses come off and they play with each other’s boobs including some tit sucking and brushing the boobs against each other.

Down Tongue Abby. 19:37

With the girls now completely naked this clip is all non stop pussy and ass licking with action going both ways and alternating several times. The first segment of action shows a gorgeous view up the super smooth ass of Abby Cross while getting eaten out. When the action turns the other way around Abby Cross’s pussy eating becomes quite juicy with liberal amount of slobber dribbling all down Brazil’s pussy. The middle section of this clip has a little interlude of synchronized bend over posing and twerking before the girls resume the lesbian action.

Abby Seedy Effigy. ITC Favorite 4:35

The scene ends with a bit of beautiful ass worship with Abby Cross lying on her front while Brazil spreads her ass for the camera and eats her ass out. Being one of the smoothest asses we’ve ever shot it is well deserving of several minutes of straight up the ass ogling with a tongue squirming up and down in her crack.