1049 Carol Luna

1050 Alexis Adams

1051 Abby Lee Brazil & Abby Cross

Shoot Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Scene 1

Hose Playing in Vegas. 12:39

Not a single piece of clothing comes off in this tease video but she totally rocks in her luxurious sheer pantyhose and black dress. With no gusset in the pantyhose you pretty much see everything showing right through the sheer material of the pantyhose any time she opens her legs.

Jugs Bunny. 11:33

As soon as Alexis takes her dress off our attention gravitates towards her big boobs. The low angle views and bending forward positions really show off her boobs beautifully while enhancing her full and erect shape. There’s a very nice boob dangling segment shot from between her legs as she lightly manipulates her boobs using one hand.

Adams Handler. 13:47

After some elegant posing in just her pantyhose Alexis gets naked to show off her bare girlie parts along with some finger manipulation. She wraps her fingers tight around the outside of her pussy lips making a big sandwich of super thick pussy lip meat.

Going Beady Bye. 11:59

Alexis gets her ass warmed up with lots of lube and a finger dabbling up her ass before progressing on to use a long rubber anal toy with lots of graduated beads along it’s length. There’s a little segment of bend over posing with her ass in the air, though she spends most of the time lying on her side with a position that gets her ass hole well out in the open. After lots of time just dabbling the toy around in her ass she speeds up the action and starts rubbing her pussy with her other hand.