1048 Sabrisse

1049 Carol Luna

1050 Alexis Adams

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

Playing Dress up. 15:21

Carol’s blue dress offers a few sneak a peek angles with a little bit of side boob and a short flared hemline allowing for easy up skirt views. Several minutes in she is bending over with her panties down around her thighs and her dress up over her ass. Her pose lying on her side really gets some nice big round ass curves bulging out in your face. Her dress doesn’t actually come off until the very end of this clip but there’s still plenty of nude pussy and ass with lots of up skirt viewing.

Nice of View to Show up. 7:30

This is all nude posing with some very nice up shots with pussy and ass filling your field of view. She does a great pose straddling the chair with one knee on each arm of the chair allowing for an awesome view straight up her butt between wide open legs.

Floornication. 6:32

Carol gets down on the floor to straddle and hump a rubber dildo mounted to a base for the reverse cowgirl perspective. There’s a good mix of both fast and slow action giving a decent view up her ass the whole time.

Scene 2

Go Caroling. 2:57

Carol shows off her form in motion with a brief walking video beside the pool. In the first half of this she has her blue dress back on and then she goes completely naked except for the shoes. Her naked stroll is quite flirty with lots of wiggle in her walk. The scene might have been longer had she not broken her shoe at the end of it.

Scene 3

Chicky Chicky Bang Bang. 9:37

Carol has a completely different look in this scene from her original casting without the professional make up. The voluptuous butt looks especially good in her curve hugging red lace panties. It’s not long before she is naked and bending over squirming her spread ass in the air. Her rolling around on the bed gradually morphs into a brief finger masturbation session to end the video.