1047 Kalina Ryu

1048 Sabrisse

1049 Carol Luna

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

There’s no masturbation in this video simply because Sabrisse doesn’t do that kind of content, though this will be an excellent video for those who like to admire a tight little body with plentiful revealing poses.

Scene 1

Some Thin Sexy. 10:48

This is all lingerie posing with a slinky little one piece lacy outfit adorning her slender curves. She is virtually always in motion though moving slow enough to give you a good view of all the pretty places as she squirms around on the bed.

There Sabrisse in here. ITC Favorite 13:08

Her excellent posing continues now in a similar manner while completely naked. She really knows how to get her naked underside out in the open with the most revealing of poses that just beg your eyes to go straight up her pussy and ass.

Cushion is Advised. 8:55

This is about as close as Sabrisse gets to masturbation as she uses a cushion to lightly rub against her pussy and kind of hump it. Really it is something more or less similar to the previous clips with a cushion getting a little bit lucky.