1037 Amirah Adara

1038 Ariana Grand

1039 Sara Luvv

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

The Grand Ho Tail. 15:23

Ariana’s bikini posing is somewhat standard at first, though you will notice a fairly substantial bulge under her crotch with her thick lips really filling out the material to the max. The real magic happens after she takes off her bikini part way through exposing her huge pussy lips. Two thirds of this clip is all nude posing with some excellent bend over posing and plenty of pussy and ass spreading.

Twat Toys. 9:18

There’s two different toys involved in this masturbation scene, each producing different results. At first she uses a smooth teal coloured vibrator while leaning back on the chair with her legs spread in the air. She develops a small gob of creamy pussy juice and you can see the muscles tensing as she cums. The short interlude with just fingers dipping in her pussy really shows off her thick pussy meat bulging around her fingers. She then moves to an ass up position with a larger heavy duty vibrator jammed hard against her clitoris. You may find it quite fascinating how her pussy lips quiver under the heavy vibrations of the toy. This time there is a very definite orgasm with quite obvious contractions visible all around her anus and vagina.

Pool Lip Surprise. 8:43

Ariana gets into the pool and poses on the shallow shelf at the edge of the pool. Her best poses here are all the ass up, bend over and lying on her front positions all offering some awesome views up her big ass. The water is shallow enough that all of her girlie bits are just out of the water most of the time. There’s a little bit of crawling action towards the end going both away from and towards the camera.

Long time no Pee. 1:39

Ariana bends over on the grass to pee with her ass in the air. The only problem is the pee never comes. Many attempted pee scenes end up like this with stage fright inhibiting the actual pee. We’re showing you this one anyways simply because she looks really good in this position regardless off lack of pee.