1038 Ariana Grand

1039 Sara Luvv

1040 Sabrina Banks

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Luvv me Two Times. 14:34

The large full length mirror plays a prominent role throughout this strip tease video with many double view perspectives, not only while standing beside it but also while lying on the bed. After a while posing in her bra and panties the second half of this clip is all nude posing beside the mirror. There’s a good amount of really fantastic pussy and ass spreading from behind with her face seen simultaneously in the mirror. At the end you see her lying on her side with her butt thrust out into your face showing some surprisingly awesome curves for a slim girl.

A Hole Lotta Luvv. 10:41

This is mostly all pussy and ass ogling with a lot of bend over posing and lying on her front. She does some very revealing pussy spreading with her ass thrust up into your face. Midway through she turns onto her back and continues spreading her pussy lips open. These are some pretty awesome pussy lips with a lot of thick meat all splayed out before you and sometime squished together making a pretty prominent bulge. She finished up in the doggy style position giving a nice clear view up her bend over ass and pussy.

Ogle Bird Hump a Dick. 9:07

You get the “reverse cowgirl” view throughout this masturbation scene with Sara humping a mounted dildo. Some of it is in very slow motion allowing for a very clear view up her ass while other parts pick up the pace for more intense action. It is a prime video for any connoisseur of the bend over pussy and ass view.

Sara Doctor in the House? ITC Favorite 7:54

Sara is a pretty freaky “do anything once” kind of girl and her fascination is evident as she makes comments throughout this speculum scene. The inside view is pretty interesting as she gets the giggles making her cervix and vagina walls convulse. Besides the usual pose she also turns over doggy style with her ass in the air. This pose offers some pretty awesome well lit views all the way up to her cervix while still seeing the rest of her ass and even her face in the background. We also see the speculum being pulled out of her pussy with the vagina closing up behind it and there’s a short BTS segment at the end.