1036 Jade Nile

1037 Amirah Adara

1038 Ariana Grand

Shoot Location: Zakynthos, Greece

Scene 1

Hose Up for some Tease? ITC Favorite 20:52

Legs and ass fans can soak in one one of the most beautiful lower halfs with pantyhose on for a good 21 minutes in this clip. She doesn’t even lower the pantyhose at any point and yet you still see the pussy and ass crack multiple times throughout as the crotch is completely see through. Almost right from the beginning you can see her pussy wetness oozing through the material of the pantyhose. Her shape and posture enhance her almost impossible form with super long legs like a Barbi doll. In reality she is not so tall but the camera angles combined with her awesome posing brings out the absolute best in her sleek curves. In the last few minutes we just focus on her ass and hips area while she slowly turns all the way around multiple times. The butt shots are really quite spectacular here with gorgeous curves glistening in the most silky black pantyhose.

You Stocking to Me? ITC Favorite 9:08

The pantyhose come down to just under her ass and remain there to show off her naked ass and pussy while still adorning her legs like thigh high stockings. Her standing pose once again make her legs look a mile long culminating in a fantastic firm ass. While still standing she does some nice butt spreading with a few sexy little jiggles mixed in. She then moves to the chair and poses lying on her side displaying some more of her super nice curves with her ass and pussy out in the open. Her legs then open up revealing some pretty fantastic bare pussy and ass views with a little bit of pussy spreading from time to time.

Barely Presentable. 16:31

With the shoes and pantyhose now gone this clip just focuses on exploring Amirah’s naked pussy and ass with extensive footage through multiple positions. There’s a pretty substantial segment with Amirah hovering over your face with her legs wide open and squatting on your face. Her butt slaps show off a nice tidy little jiggle in her fit butt cheeks. She then moves onto a dining chair to sit backwards with her ass hanging out in space off the edge of the chair. Once again there are more low angle views looking straight up her ass from below. There may be multiple times where you cannot help but notice her perfect hair as she frequently tosses it around. Finally she ends up right down on the floor offering some amazing up the butt views as she lies on her front with her legs fully wide open.

New Clear Missile. 14:15

Amirah uses a clear rubber dildo in this masturbation scene while leaning back in the chair with her legs up in the air. After a little while she puts her feet down on the floor allowing her butt to hang in mid air for the remainder of the scene. The position give a very clear and exposed view of her pussy and ass along with some open vagina as she frequently pulls the toy all the way out of her pussy between strokes.