1032 Vicki Chase

1033 Eileen Sue

1034 Vanessa Veracruz

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

She's Sue Sexy. 12:33

During Eileen’s strip tease you might find yourself uncharacteristically just looking at her face with her magical blue eyes. The strip tease itself is somewhat vanilla but is followed by some very nice nude posing. More than half of this clip is all nude posing giving plenty of time to inspect her naughty bits.

In the Sue 'er. 2:20

Eileen takes a pee while sitting on the corner of the bathtub and then rinses off using the shower head. The best part of this is the close up pussy shot with water streaming over her pussy lips.

A You Tub Video. 11:21

Eileen’s bath scene is particularly sudsy but not so much as to hide the bits that you want to see. The first part is quite soft and elegant with squatting poses in the tub as she sprinkles water down her body. Later she bends over showing off her bare underside enhanced by water streaming over her pussy and ass with the help of an off screen assistant. She then gets right down on her front in the tub giving a nice wet ass show with her butt slowly rising up high out of the water. Finally she stands up and uses the shower head to cascade water all down her body both front and back. The butt shot is really nice with water flowing all over her rear end curves.

A Mass Tubation Scene. 4:29

Eileen sits on the edge of the bathtub to rub out a quick masturbation scene. The view is looking straight up her pussy from below with her face seen in the background. Later she stands up over your face in rear view and continues to rub her pussy to a climax.