1031 Jillian Janson

1032 Vicki Chase

1033 Eileen Sue

Shoot Location: Rotorua, New Zealand

Scene 1

Nice Deck Stare at Tease. 14:08

Vicki’s stylish black shorts look pretty amazing on her ass with a nice bit of ass cheek hanging out the bottom. If you thought her shorts fit her ass nicely you will be equally impressed with her black panties after the shorts come off. You’ll love the way she flops her ass around while lying on her front. The panties come down around her thighs with a couple of minutes remaining giving a good look at her anus with a few nice butthole winks thrown in.

Catch a few Winks. 10:48

This is all bottomless posing with some thorough pussy and ass ogling. She may have one of the most beautiful ass holes on the site and she has a particular talent for flexing the sphincter. There are several times where we move right in to her ass crack and just soak in her beautiful anus while she repeatedly winks it in and out. The surrounding ass cheeks are also super smooth with a nice subtle jiggle as she slowly twerks her ass just a little bit.

A Feather in her Crap. 12:29

Vicki’s beautiful ass hole sees a bit of action now with some finger penetration followed by a big black butt plug up the ass. She spends some time dabbling the plug in and out of her anus while lying on her side. The middle section of this clip takes a break from the close up action as she walks around the deck with the butt plug up her ass and the feathers hanging out like a bunny tail. It becomes more like a walking video with mostly full body shots for a while. Then she goes back onto the couch to play with the toy again pulling it out and flexing her anus in your face.

Chasin' Pussy. 3:41

Vicki gets into a little bit of finger masturbation now with one hand dipping fingers up her ass and the other hand rubbing her pussy. She soon turns onto her front giving you a great view up her ass while she rubs her pussy. The action quickly comes to a climax and then she spends the rest of the clip fingering her ass hole.

Chick 'n Swings. 4:50

Vicki spends some time on a swing hanging from the trees and manages to pose in ways you probably never thought you’d see a girl do on a swing. She does some excellent wide open leg posing while swinging with her pussy coming almost right into your face. The action in this is perhaps a bit too fast to get a really good view but the pose is still super sexy. Then just sitting stationary on the swing she hangs her ass right out off the back edge giving a beautiful view straight up her ass from below.