1033 Eileen Sue

1034 Vanessa Veracruz

1035 Nataly Von

Shoot Location: Russell, New Zealand

Scene 1

Water View Frayed of? 12:25

Your first close up view of Vanessa’s beautiful ass hanging out of her frayed jean shorts will have you anxious to see more. We spend quite a long time just soaking in her lovely body with a nice mix of full body shots and close up ass worship. When she lies back on the table with her legs spread wide you can almost see everything hanging out of her jean shorts. This is followed by some excellent bend over butt squirming with her beautiful curves all hanging out. Though her jean shorts don’t come off until the end of this clip you really feel like you’ve gotten a serious eyeful of ass throughout most of this clip.

Enjoy a Bootyful Cruz. 15:10

Now bottomless Vanessa puts her stunning pussy and ass in your face with multiple poses on and off the table. She may have the most flawless pussy lips we’ve seen in a long time and a pretty perfect ass to go with it. Her legs up poses and crab walk poses show off her gorgeous undercarriage beautifully. In the second half she stands directly over your face in both the front and rear views. She does a very sexy slow dance over your face giving a great view right up her feminine places and then uses two hands to spread everything open for a more explicit view. She ends with one more bend over pose getting her naked bits out in the open.

Oh Yeah Babe Bay. 14:12

Vanessa gets busy with a finger masturbation session while lying back on the table top. Her pussy rubbing technique is quite different than most girls with her fingers rubbing lengthwise over the entire length of her slit and her clitoris getting flicked with every stroke. Every once in a while she breaks to the more familiar circular rubbing but always comes back to her lengthwise pattern. This unique kind of masturbation and her amazingly flawless pussy and ass make for quite an interesting and exciting video. She has a couple of alternate positions bending over and lying on her side and then she returns to lying on her back to finish it off. Her pussy rubbing becomes quite strong and vigorous as she brings the action to a climax. The scene ends with a very nice pussy spread and though she doesn’t quite gape it is still very revealing showing all her pretty bits in crystal clear detail.

Cruz on Deck. 8:33

Now on a larger deck Vanessa starts from fully clothed again for this walking video. She casually strolls back and forth wearing her jean shorts and then bottomless once again.