1025 Skin Diamond

1026 Nici Dee

1027 Abby Lee Brazil

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

Double Dee Pleasure. ITC Favorite 11:59

Nici may seem a little unsure of herself with a lot of glancing off camera for direction, though in this case her inexperience is partly what makes her so charming. She is surely the cutest girl we have shot with a really stunning smile. She also has spectacular boobs that look too good to be real, though we can assure you they are in fact real. We spend an inordinate amount of time focusing exclusively from the waist up in this clip as this is where her best assets lie. There’s some excellent bend over poses displaying her silky smooth boobs dangling over top of you.

I Like Asian Czechs. 7:18

Nici’s skirt and panties soon come off and we finally get around to exploring the rest of her beautiful body. There’s a nice thick set of pussy lips to admire although it’s hard not to keep gazing upon her angelic face as she keeps flashing her super cute smile. Her pose on her back with her legs straight up in the air is especially nice and very teasing for leg lovers.

Twiddly Dee. 6:55

Nici lies back across the corner of the couch with her legs spread on either side allowing a perfect front row seat between her legs as she starts rubbing her pussy. Half way through she turns onto her front once again straddling the corner of the couch giving a great view up her ass while she rubs her pussy. There’s somewhat of a climax to the action but it’s highly unlikely that there’s any real orgasm in this.

Scratch That. 5:31

This is a little bit of behind the scene footage with the make up artist brushing Nici’s hair. The theme changes completely a couple of minutes in as the makeup artist tries somewhat unsuccessfully to find Nici’s ticklish spots. The mood becomes quite goofy and playful with lots of chattering in Czech, of which we have no clue what they are saying. If you like the look of the make up artist you can check her out naked on this site under the name Satin Bloom.