1024 AJ Applegate

1025 Skin Diamond

1026 Nici Dee

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Dangerous Curves on the Black Diamond. 12:59

New model Skin Diamond exudes a certain elegance as she continually moves in slow fluid motion between various poses. Most of this strip tease features a beautiful purple bra and panty set but also shows some very nice bottomless nudity in the last few minutes as she lies on her side with her panties down around her thighs.

Your Ass Skin for it. 10:03

This clip is all just nude body exploration beginning with some standing poses and some low angle views up the naughty bits. She then sits on the edge of the chair and hangs her ass off the edge giving a beautiful view of her silky smooth underside. The second half features some very revealing open leg poses while lying on the bed. Lying on her front she gets a hypnotic ass squirm going and then uses two hands to spread the cheeks open.

Glass in Ass. 10:40

Skin sticks a knobby glass dildo up her ass, first while lying on her side with her butt hanging off the edge of the bed and then on her knees with her ass in the air. She seems to quite genuinely enjoy having a dildo up her ass and brings herself to a climax with it. The last couple of minutes is mostly all close up ass crack views with just her fingers dabbling up her anus.

Wand Her Off. 7:48

Skin uses a huge vibrating wand to bring herself to an orgasm. She uses the glass toy up her ass at the same time as that’s how she prefers it. The size and number of toys in use does block a little bit of the view though we were going for a genuine orgasm and that’s what we got. Towards the end when she is done with the toys we get a really nice close up clitoris view as she dabbles her finger on her rather swollen and prominent clit.