1026 Nici Dee

1027 Abby Lee Brazil

1028 Christiana Cinn

Shoot Location: Herradura, Costa Rica

Scene 1

Braless 'n See Asshole. 17:36

In spite of being fully dressed you get quite a wonderful boob tease in the beginning of this clip with Abby’s lacy blouse being almost completely see through. Without a bra every little jiggle is clearly seen through her top and there’s plenty of boob jiggling. The attention then turns to her lower end with some initial upskirt views and a bit of panty teasing with her lacy white thong pulling up in her pussy lips and pulled aside. The standing poses as she removes her panties show quite a stunning figure with very shapely hips. She is completely bottomless for the second half of this clip leaving plenty of time to explore her bare pussy and ass. There’s an excellent up shot from underneath as she straddles between the couch and table on her knees. She then takes her top off to go fully nude revealing the full frame of her amazing figure. The boob jiggling and butt jiggling sessions are certainly stimulating with gorgeous curves flailing around right in front of you.

Lying Purple Dick in 'er. 13:06

Abby lies back on the couch to start playing with her pussy. After some initial pussy rubbing she gets into it with a purple dildo. Besides a brief segment of doggy style she spends most of this on her back with her ass hanging out off the edge of the couch. Her momentum isn’t the most fluid with a bit of stop and start but there’s plenty of nice pussy and ass ogling through all of the action.

Step 'n Stones. ITC Favorite 5:24

Such an amazing figure absolutely must be seen in motion with a walking video. Her runway of stepping stones was perhaps a bit awkward but it was the only large enough space on the property for this and she pulls it off admirably well. The front side views in particular are like poetry in motion with gorgeous curves swaying in the most tantalizing ways. The motion of the hips and thighs combined with the natural jiggle of her boobs will have you hypnotized.

Abby Lee View can Pee. 1:04

Abby takes a pee while squatting back in a crabwalk position on top of a concrete slab. She gets quite a decent thick arch of pee going.

Tinkle Dusk. 3:37

Abby takes another pee while bending over on her knees on the lawn. The position was a little more difficult for her resulting in some stop and start but also provides a great view up her ass while she pees. The was shot in the decreased light of dusk making it not quite as crisp but perhaps adding something to the ambience.

Twilight Dip. 3:37

This was completely unplanned footage with Abby tooling around in the pool after her shoot. Though not doing anything of special interest it seemed worth shooting as she floats her naked body around the pool and hams it up for the camera a little. Once again the light of day is almost completely gone making the image quality a bit more grainy than usual.