1023 Kalina Ryu & Luna Star

1024 AJ Applegate

1025 Skin Diamond

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

Buns of Teal. 8:44

AJ takes her time peeling out of her teal coloured bikini in the heat of the desert summer. There’s not a whole lot of nudity yet but you get a nice look at some of her monster curves as she stands and poses on the deck chair.

Hot to Twat. 7:11

Now fully naked except for the shoes AJ puts her bare privates on display with some butt spreading while standing over your face. She soon gets on the chair and does a slow butt wobble while bending over. She ends up lying on her back with her legs spread high and wide exposing all her private places with some pussy spreading enhancing the view.

Weighty Wiggle. 5:13

AJ walks back and forth beside the pool multiple times wearing only her high heel shoes. Fans of thick thighs and big butts will love seeing these monster curves in motion. She is not entirely without cellulite but she will rock your world if you like real full womanly curves.

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff. 12:10

AJ has a masturbation session with a slim black vibrator while leaning back on the deck chair. She was originally trying to squirt but her performance suffered somewhat as she sweats it out in the 105 degree heat. She resorts to just fingers in the last few minutes and brings the action to somewhat of a climax but the squirt never comes.

Hot Dippity. 10:48

A cool down in the pool was definitely in order. She spends some time posing in the jacuzzi pool before floating around in the main pool on a foam mattress. There’s lots of bare bottom viewing as she floats around the pool lying on her front the whole time.

Turn on the Sprinkler. 4:21

AJ’s second attempt at a squirting orgasm is considerably more successful as she sits on the edge of the pool and fucks her pussy with the slim black vibrator. The toy gets her to the point of starting to squirt and then she just uses her fingers to rub her pussy splattering her squirt in all directions. There’s three separate squirts in fairly quick succession here.