1022 Veronica Rodriguez

1023 Kalina Ryu & Luna Star

1024 AJ Applegate

Shoot Location: Domincal, Costa Rica

This video is not entirely without technical issues with some overexposure and occasional motion blur. Content-wise it is second to none with two top models going at it in some pretty awesome lesbian action.

Scene 1

Meshing in Action. 22:24

This video has the simultaneous combination of tease and virtually full on lesbian action with the girls eating each other out through their transparent panties and pantyhose. In spite of not getting fully naked in this clip you still see the pussy lips and ass crack showing through the mesh material. The primary focus is on panty crotch licking and pantyhose worship with feminine assets glistening wet under the sheer fabric.

A Couple of Luna Licks. 7:03

Kalina’s panties come off and she gets a real thorough and deep ass licking from Luna. You can actually see Luna’s pointed tongue digging right up Kalina’s ass hole. Later on Luna gets down underneath Kalina’s pussy and sucks hard on her pussy lips.

A Cunning Linguist. 9:56

The girls do a brief scissors position with two pussies rubbing together before Kalina then proceeds to munch on Luna’s pussy. The pussy licking action is quite spectacular with Kalina virtually devouring her pussy and Luna’s thick meaty pussy lips bulging prominently around Kalina’s ravenous tongue. The clip ends with a very nice pussy spread as Kalina uses four fingers to make Luna's pussy gape wide open.

Rooting for the 69ers. 4:53

This segment features a 69 position with most of the attention at first on Kalina eating out Luna’s pussy in the most messy way with lots of dribble running down her lips and some finger fucking in between all the licking. Later Kalina bends over on top of Luna’s face giving excellent viewing access while getting finger fucked and licked.

Dick van Dykes. 9:20

A double ended dildo finds it’s way into the action now with the two girls both bending over ass to ass to fuck each other. It’s great action if you like seeing two butts twerking and banging together. Also included are a few segments of single ended dildo action with the girls taking turns fucking each other.

The Lickin' Tunnel. ITC Favorite 3:14

This short segment features Kalina in a pile driver position showing a pretty big gaping vagina in combination with Luna’s tongue digging right up inside her ass hole. Amazingly the view is really not impeded at all with a clear view of Luna’s tongue drilling an inch deep up inside Kalina anus. This may be some of the most graphic action we’ve ever shot.

Take Ass Eat in the Back. ITC Favorite 5:40

This is what you get when you combine one of the best ass lickers with one of the best asses. It’s perhaps not as ravenous as before but Kalina does a beautiful job of slowly worshipping Luna’s ass and gradually getting more and more into it with big licks all up and down Luna’s pussy and ass crack. She’s definitely not shy about sticking her tongue all the way up Luna’s anus.

Scene 2

Pool Pals. 17:06

Kalina and Luna are joined (briefly) by Chloe for a nighttime frolic in the pool. Most of this scene has just the two girls goofing off in the pool. This scene is a little bit of a departure from our usual type of shooting. There is definitely no acting or posing involved in this as we just shot whatever happens and there turns out to be a number of entertaining moments. The scene has more of a party atmosphere with the girls drinking beer, dancing, taking selfies, flirting with each other and occasionally getting a little bit naughty. Image clarity is perhaps not up to our usual standards due to the low light and yet the scene has very interesting lighting with the neon glow of the pool lights.