1021 Candice Dare

1022 Veronica Rodriguez

1023 Kalina Ryu & Luna Star

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

It’s been a while since Veronica graced the pages of inthecrack but we can say she has certainly matured very nicely looking better than ever. Her dark features are quite stunning and her tight little body is totally flawless and nubile.

Scene 1

Micro Jackson Bitty Jean. ITC Favorite 15:04

Veronica brings new meaning to the jean shorts fetish with her super tiny jeans cut off pretty much right over the top of her ass cheeks and only a frayed seam running through her ass crack and pussy lips. Her legs are amazing in the full body front views looking somewhat like a Barbie doll. It’s not long before she has her ass parked on top of your face giving you an eyeful straight up her tight little butt with the jean shorts hiding very little. She then sits down with her legs open and tugs on the crotch of the shorts giving you a sneak peek at her bare pussy. There’s some very sexy crawling around on the couch with her pussy and ass virtually hanging out of her shorts. At the end the moment that she lowers her shorts is quite spectacular featuring the full body front view taking in her super long and flawless legs and sexy posture as the landing strip comes into view.

Bare be Doll. 6:09

We sneak in underneath Veronica’s ass as she slowly dances around on top of you. There’s both back side and front side views from low down looking straight up her naughty side. A brief stroll around the room shows of her doll-like figure in motion. Once again she gets on the couch and does some sexy crawling and bend over posing.

32 Squirting Versions. ITC Favorite 5:53

Veronica is a pretty natural and talented squirter and she squirts almost non stop throughout this masturbation clip. She literally squirts the first moment that she touches her pussy which brings into question how genuine this might have been. We can only say she was probably bursting to let it fly. As the scene progresses things seems a lot more genuine as she works her pussy to produce some beautiful squirts. Her position in the latter half is pretty awesome as she squats leaning back against the couch with her butt hanging in mid air. In the last few minutes she sits right in her huge puddle on the floor squirming around and dipping her ass up and down in the puddle.

Maid Made a Mess. 3:20

This is BTS footage as Veronica mops up her huge mess. There’s quite a lot of casual banter as she chats with an off camera crew person.

Flesh out the Details. 5:54

The focus of this clip is exclusively all about pussy spreading with plenty of vagina gapes. She lies back on the couch with her legs up and open using four fingers to pry her vagina open as much as she can. Sometimes her fingers get a little in the way but there’s also some very evenly and deeply lit open vagina views shot at a very close distance. At the end she turns around and squats her ass in your face while still spreading the pussy as much as she can.

Squirts and All. ITC Favorite 5:07

Squirting round two is quite similar to the first time with obviously genuine action as she works it for a while and then has several very sexy squirting orgasms. Once again her position is pretty awesome leaning back against the couch with her butt hanging in mid air. Foot fetishist will love this clip as she is now barefoot with the feet quite prominently in the foreground showing excellent form with pointed feet and pronounced arches.