1020 Suzie Carina

1021 Candice Dare

1022 Veronica Rodriguez

Shoot Location: Rancho Mirage, California

Scene 1

Nice Dare Rear. 12:31

As soon as Candice stands up and turns around it is pretty obvious where we will spending the next 40 odd minutes looking. She is the quintessential ass model with plenty of smooth round ass meat to lose your mind in. We spend most of this clip just admiring the full shape of her ass with her black panties still on. The diagonal cut of the panties over the butt cheeks enhances her curves while exposing half of the cheeks for a nice tease. In the last few minutes she lowers her panties down to just under her ass giving a beautiful sneak peek at her ass crack. There’s some very nice butt jiggles as she uses her hands to spread the butt and let it drop with a nice bounce.

Look Under Dare. 13:25

Now with Candice fully naked except for the shoes we spend all of this clip exploring all around the big curves of her ass. The first pose lying back with her legs straight up, knees to chest, gets her monster curves bulging prominently in your face. She then bends over to spread her ass in your face giving a very graphic view of her underside. The majority of this clip features some fantastic low angle views looking straight up her ass from below as she either stands or squats in your face. The booty jiggle is quite beautiful in the last few minutes as she once again repeatedly spreads her butt and lets it go to bounce free.

Been Dare Done Dat. ITC Favorite 8:06

Just in case you didn’t yet get your fill of Candice’s ass we repeat all the ass worship with Candice now in a different position lying on her front on the couch. She has poses both with the legs together and with the legs spread wide apart, both of which offer some amazing views up her big butt. Her legs open pose is virtually the full splits giving excellent access for unimpeded up the butt viewing. It is quite stunning how her big butt curves dominate the views and fill your screen throughout this clip.

Plug 'n Play. ITC Favorite 7:16

Candice keeps the pose lying on her front with her legs wide open in the splits while she starts fingering her ass hole using a well lubricated finger. The ass crack and anus views are pretty awesome in this position. Most of the clip is shot close enough for her ass cheeks and pussy to totally fill your screen though we sometimes get even closer to admire her lovely ass crack and anus in detail. Later on she brings her other hand underneath to rub her pussy to a climax.

Rod Skewered. 8:01

Candice’s dildo masturbation scene features a dildo that is mounted on a ball shaped device. It is virtually non stop bend over up the butt views as she humps it reverse cowgirl style. She slows the action right down for a close up view from the base of the dildo looking up her butt. After a faster climax to the action she gets off of the dildo and presents one more bend over spread in your face to end the video.