1019 Henessy

1020 Suzie Carina

1021 Candice Dare

Shoot Location: Zakynthos, Greece

We shot this scene on perhaps the most famous beach in all of Europe which presented us with some logistical challenges to get there without a single other person on the beach. A multi hour break was in fact forced upon us between the video and photo shoots when boatloads of a thousand tourists showed up. What you don’t see here is how this setting looked drastically different for quite a while.

Scene 1

Wave to the Girl. 14:34

This strip tease set has all the look of a Sports Illustrated bikini shoot except for the full nudity in the second half of the clip after she removes her bikini. The small white stones, colourful turquoise water and sheer cliff face give the scene a very unique look. After crawling and strolling around she moves to a small alcove at the end of the beach to pose naked against the rock wall with a small sliver of the water on the right side. The clip is relatively softcore and has a relaxing ambience with the sound of small waves crashing in a stunningly beautiful setting.

Wreck and Roll. 12:37

What are the chances that such an amazing beach would have a super photogenic shipwreck right in the middle of it? We follow Suzie around as she explores the shipwreck while fully naked. She frequently pauses to wiggle her ass around in your face. There’s plenty of bend over posing and lying around on her front with her legs wide open giving you an excellent view straight up her ass. The last few minutes features some very nice butt spreading as she stands virtually over your face.

Have a Sand Twitch. 6:50

Suzie maintains an excellent squatting position with her butt hovering in mid air while she masturbates using just her fingers. There’s lots of entertaining quivering motion as she gets excited with her thighs and butt cheeks jiggling around in mid air. She later turns around to continue in doggy style and then lying on her front with her legs wide open giving you the perfect view up her ass as she rubs her pussy some more.