1018 Carol Luna

1019 Henessy

1020 Suzie Carina

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Though she never cracks a smile, new model Henessy is quite intriguing as she always looks fully engaged in the process of teasing you with an intense gaze and a sophisticated presence. Her posing is second to none with certain angles and understated motion that are ideal for those that like to slowly soak in the details of the girl’s private areas. She may not have the most flawless skin and yet any one of these clips might have been an ITC favourite based on her super revealing posing and thick meaty pussy lips.

Scene 1

Knicker Flick. 24:12

This strip tease starts with a pretty nice leg tease with Henessy sitting in the red rocking chair. Her hemline is enticingly short with her shapely thighs strategically placed for a slight hint of what lies within. Then standing we get a pretty decent look straight up her dress. She moves quite slowly giving ample time to enjoy the view. Once again on the chair she spends quite a long time teasing with her thong panties tugging them up into her pussy and pulling them aside. It’s a beautiful tease with the shape of her pussy mound bursting through the fabric even when fully covered. You will love the way she moves the panty crotch from side to side slowly flicking it over her thick pussy lips. Finally she gets down on the floor and does a beautiful bend over pose on her knees with more excellent panty teasing. In spite of still wearing her panties there is lots of beautiful bare pussy and ass to be seen with the panties pulled aside and flicking over her thick pussy lips.

Back to the Floor Tease. 8:24

With Henessy now bottomless we just gaze upon her naked undercarriage for a quite a long uninterrupted period. Her positions bending over and lying on her front with her ass jacked up are both amazing with her private areas thrust out in mid air in the most revealing way. Her motion is very slow allowing for very clear views to totally soak your brains in her nakedness.

Rubber Goods. 6:06

Henessy’s initial pose in the pussy rubbing clip is super revealing and virtually defies words to describe it. No matter which angle she poses at she really gets her privates out in your face while she rubs her pussy. The light pussy rubbing gradually become more passionate culminating in a climax that is neither tame or overblown and seems quite genuine.

Dink a Smooth Henessy. ITC Favorite 6:25

The action picks up substantially with the addition of a purple rubber dildo. She props herself up into a fantastic crabwalk position for the climax of the scene and does an amazing job of fucking her pussy hard with a little surprise leak of creamy goo oozing out of her pussy right afterwards. She even gets down on the floor and sensually licks up her mess off of the floor.