1017 Paula Shy

1018 Carol Luna

1019 Henessy

Shoot Location: Dominical, Costa Rica

Carol was slightly intoxicated at the time of this shoot which had a bit of an adverse affect on her ability to perform or maintain concentration but it does somewhat add to her personality with a very casual and carefree mood.

Scene 1

Orange you Sexy. 9:37

Carol moves around a lot throughout this strip tease apparently more intent on casual flirting than anything else. If you are hoping to see her hold a sexy pose for any length of time you might be disappointed, though on the other hand if you enjoy the carefree character you might really dig it. There are many nice poses but they appear and evaporate almost right away creating a pretty constant flow to the scene.

Exploring the Luna Surface. 6:16

This is all nude posing in a pretty similar style to her strip tease clip with many good poses coming and going. She is perhaps not quite as restless in this clip allowing for a few decent views with a good eyeful of naked pussy and ass.

A Restless Fucker. 11:53

Carol uses a strong vibrating dildo on her pussy in this masturbation scene. She spends much of the time with her ass hanging just off the edge of the couch allowing for a decent butt view. She was in fact trying for a squirting orgasm but her intoxicated state seems to have prevented this as she appears to lose momentum and concentration a few times. Though the orgasm never comes she clearly still had fun doing this and you get some great views of a beautiful pussy and ass in action. There is one especially interesting pose near the end as she squats on the toy and humps it hands free.