1016 Abby Cross

1017 Paula Shy

1018 Carol Luna

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

Hose the Shy one Now? 19:17

In the interests of variety we shot this pantyhose scene with Paula wearing a pale colour of pantyhose that we have never done before. With no inside crotch lining and no panties on underneath you can quite clearly see her pussy lips and ass crack through the pantyhose. Paula’s posing is quite slow and elegant and though maybe a little reserved she has a charming presence and a nice way of moving around. She takes her time getting out of her dress and shoes pausing in a few nice positions along the way to show off her form. The pantyhose remain on though the full duration of this clip.

Know Shy Zone. 6:18

The pantyhose soon come down around Paula’s thighs allowing for a more close up detailed view of her bare pussy and ass. After a few minutes she gets completely naked with a beautiful legs up pose to remove her pantyhose. The bare pussy and ass ogling is a little more brief than usual but does include a very nice little pussy gape.

Getting Bump Fucked. 10:29

It takes Paula a little while to get the lumpy vibrating dildo into her tiny pussy. She progresses gingerly for a while in positions lying on her back and on her knees bending over. The action heats up somewhat after she moves to lean back against the bed with her ass hovering off the edge of the bed. The position gives an excellent view of her ass with runny lube trickling out of her pussy and running down over her ass cheeks.