1015 Sara Luvv

1016 Abby Cross

1017 Paula Shy

Shoot Location: Herradura, Costa Rica

Scene 1

Cross to Rica. 8:54

Standing at the end of the bed Abby gets quite a sexy little squirm going while wearing her magenta bra and panty set. She soon moves onto the bed rolling around in various positions showing off her silky smooth body and awesome curves. Once again standing she starts peeling off her lingerie with her slow squirm enhancing the curves around her beautiful hips and thighs. The ambience of the scene is quite relaxing with the quiet sounds of the various night creatures ringing in the background.

Features of the Night. ITC Favorite 10:50

Now fully naked Abby poses on the bed with some excellent positions to show off her gorgeous undercarriage. She has really got some nice wide curves and the silkiest smooth skin. There’s a fair amount of pussy spreading although perhaps the main appeal in this clip is the beautiful shapes around her voluptuous hips, ass and thighs. The last couple of minutes features an excellent squatting pose with her ass hanging off the edge of the bed giving an awesome view straight up her pussy and ass from below.

Abby Gettin' off Now. 6:49

Abby uses a hitachi vibrator in a couple of positions to achieve a couple of orgasms. The first position bending over on her knees, though brief, gives an excellent view of her ass crack and anus. She then turns onto her back and picks up the intensity to bring on the orgasms. The large head on the vibrator hides a fair amount of her pussy but it produces some genuine passion with an obvious orgasm or two. Her ass hole is the star of this show with nice clear views of the muscle contractions in her anus as she cums.