1014 Denise Sky

1015 Sara Luvv

1016 Abby Cross

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

All Decked out. 11:57

Since our last shoot with Sara she seems to have matured from a cute young girl into a pretty stunning young lady with some quite admirable assets. The pretty face will grab your attention at first as she occasionally flashes a charming smile while posing and stripping. After removing her shorts and doing some bend over panty posing she turns around to reveal her amazing pussy with her panties pulled to the side. The first look at her bare pussy lips is quite a stunning sight combined with her pretty face in the background flashing that coy smile from time to time.

Megalips Erectus. ITC Favorite 10:31

Sara gets fully naked early on in this clip and we just soak in her bare pussy and ass for the duration. It starts with some very revealing bend over and backward squatting poses with all the pretty bits spread and out in the open. Later on she lies back in the chair and the attention is focused squarely on her amazing pussy lips. She may have one of the prettiest pussies of all time, assuming you like really thick meaty lips. She has really got the assets that meaty lip lovers enjoy with bulging fleshy labia, a very large and prominent clitoris and plentiful fleshy folds to explore. Her inner labia are certainly full and thick and yet there is no dreaded hanging meat curtains as it is all packed in nice and tidy in one beautiful thick pussy lip sandwich. She also has no problem spreading her pussy getting a nice little gape with the thick lips bulging around a beautiful vagina view.

Sara Docked her Dong in here? ITC Favorite 10:47

Sara uses a decent sized dildo to fuck herself in one of the prettiest pussy penetration videos you will ever see. She starts lying back in the chair with her legs wide open in the air, then with her knees together in the air in a pose that accentuates the curves of her ass and lastly with two feet on the floor with her ass hanging in mid air off the edge of the chair. The pussy itself is stunningly beautiful with bulging lips wrapped around the toy and sometimes sandwiched between closed legs and always with plenty of dripping gooey goodness oozing from her sopping wet vagina. After she is done with the dildo the last few minutes just focus on her freshly fucked pussy with some really beautiful pussy spreading.