1010 Kalina Ryu & Chloe Amour

1011 Gianna Nicole

1012 Lauren Crist

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Nicole's a Sure Zinger. 15:53

Gianna does her strip tease by a back yard pool wearing a zebra bikini. She’s got quite a strong built body with an ample ass that gets some admiration in this clip. She gets fully naked exactly half way through this clip leaving the rest of it to explore her bare feminine bits. She has a fairly prominent extra skin flap on her anus which could be either interesting or distracting to some viewers depending on your perspective. There’s a rather nice pose lying sideways on the chair with her ass hanging out off the edge of the chair.

Sun Dink's Happening. 7:59

Gianna lies back on the chair with her ass hanging right off the edge of the chair while she fucks her pussy with a blue rubber dildo. The lighting is especially nice with all areas of her pussy and ass well lit and beautifully exposed for viewing access. The action is somewhat moderate while the view is really outstanding.

Win the Watery. 9:00

Gianna cools down with a bottle of water getting dumped all down her body. She refills the bottle multiple times from the pool and there’s plenty of water over the ass action. With the help of an off camera assistant we gets some beautiful bend over ass views with water slowly pouring down her ass crack and all over her ass cheeks. She does an amazing side to side butt wobble while bending over. After a quick dip in the pool she moves to the jacuzzi and continues with more similar water pouring action to end the video.