1011 Gianna Nicole

1012 Lauren Crist

1013 Carmen Caliente

Shoot Location: Zakynthos, Greece

Scene 1

Strip your White Dress. ITC Favorite 19:00

You will immediately be impressed with how Lauren’s silky white dress clings around her ass cheeks while still allowing the hemline area to flutter teasingly in the breeze. It’s a great dress for flirty up skirt views with matching white panties on underneath. After a little bit of panty teasing she takes the panties off and we get some more amazing up skirt views with the light fabric of the dress still fluttering around in the breeze. The first view of her virtually full body nude is quite stunning as she stands with the dress pulled all the way up over her boobs letting all the beautiful curves spill out. The last couple of minutes is all nude posing with some beautiful low angle perspectives front and back with her curves framed against the blue sky.

Friggin Al Fresco. 14:26

Lauren gets right up on the table lying on her back with the legs in the air through most of this masturbation scene. The pussy and ass are beautifully displayed on the hard surface of the table with easy access viewing to all of the private places. She starts with just fingers rubbing her pussy and then graduates to a vibrating dildo. After some rather nondescript dildo dabbling she changes her pose to prop herself up in a crabwalk position with her butt hanging in mid air allowing for some great views of her ass while she fucks her pussy to a climax. The last minute of this clip shows Lauren slowly walking away from the set revealing a stunning figure in motion. It’s brief but those looking for a full length walking video of Lauren will get their treat in a later release.