1009 Amirah Adara

1010 Kalina Ryu & Chloe Amour

1011 Gianna Nicole

Shoot Location: Dominical, Costa Rica

Scene 1

This is Pretty Pouring. 8:25

These two girls get down to the business of stripping each other and exploring their bodies against the background of heavy tropical rain in an outdoor living room. There’s a fairly substantial appetizer of lesbian action both ways before the meat and potatoes of the following clips.

Let me Kalina your Ass. ITC Favorite 9:09

Kalina does a nice sloppy job of eating out Chloes flawless pussy with her tongue digging around in the folds with pussy lips bulging around her probing tongue. In the second half Chloe turns around and gets her ass completely devoured. There’s some digital pussy probing with the fingers separating her lips while Kalina flaps her tongue all around Chloe’s ass crack and right up her anus. There’s lots of beautiful sloppy ass worship throughout the second half of this clip.

She really Digs her. 8:56

The action is reversed now with Chloe eating out Kalina. After some initial pussy licking the action gradually turns to pussy fisting. Kalina gets on her knees bending over to to accept a hand right up her pussy. At first they struggle to get it in but it’s not long before Chloe is totally fucking her with her hand buried virtually up to her wrist. In the latter portions there’s some excellent pussy spreading with Chloe using 4 fingers to pry Kalina’s vagina wide open while twiddling her tongue on her ass hole.

Take a Trib to Costa Rica. 1:30

The girls have a quick go at the tribbing position with two pussies rubbing against each other. It’s pretty brief and doesn’t really show any graphic details though some may find the position interesting.

Sloppy Seconds. ITC Favorite 4:08

Kalina’s ass licking was so good she had to do an encore. Chloe gets on her knees with her ass high in the air to accept a few fingers up her pussy and a tongue up her ass crack. She literally digs her tongue right up Chloe’s anus and it’s all in a clearly unobstructed view. The action becomes an all inclusive feast of all of Chloe’s undercarriage with lips and ass hole fair game to her sloppy endeavours.

Dip Chicks. 4:33

This clip is a small departure from our typical type of content with Kalina and Chloe frolicking around in the pool in the rain after their shoot. Some of it is just swimming around and chattering while other moments have them actually doing something sexual for a brief while. The lighting is not the greatest as this is shot at dusk with no lighting.