993 Abby Lee Brazil

994 Suzie Carina

995 Jade Nile

Shoot Location: Zakynthos, Greece

Scene 1

Dot your Eyes and Tease. 13:38

Suzie spends lots of time rolling around on the bed in her polka dot lingerie with lots of attention paid to her shapely rear end in the panties. Half way through she removes her panties leaving plenty of time admire the naked feminine places. Towards the end she starts to touch her pussy as if to begin masturbating although most of that action is reserved for the following clip.

She's a Frisk Taker. 6:20

Suzie assumes a great position for up the ass gazing while she masturbates lying on her front with her legs wide open and her ass jacked up. A few minutes in she turns onto her back just posing for a short while before getting into the masturbation again. She gets a nice little squirm going with her ass undulating in mid air while she rubs her pussy.

Dong King Pro Motions. ITC Favorite 8:40

The masturbation continues now with the addition of a purple rubber dildo. She has a great position with her legs up and together pulling her knees up near her chest and showing off some beautiful wide curves around her ass bulging in your face. She later turns to a crab walk position allowing her ass to hang in mid air while she brings the action to a fantastic climax with lots of quivering around. It’s probably not a real orgasm but she is undeniably a great performer as seen in this excellent clip.

Backstage with Deep Purple. 7:11

The big purple dildo now finds it’s way into Suzie’s ass in this anal masturbation scene. It’s mostly just a slow dabble with the toy followed by some very sexy ass fingering with one finger up her ass hole.