992 Nataly Von

993 Abby Lee Brazil

994 Suzie Carina

Shoot Location: Dominical, Costa Rica

Scene 1

Abby Lee View Blue it. 10:42

The jungle villa setting is pretty awesome in the background while Abby teases with one of the most amazing figures we have shot. The legs alone outside of her short blue dress are enough drop jaws but then comes the up skirt views and revealing poses with the dress held up high over her waist. It’s not long before she is pantyless and showing off her spectacular assets with the dress held up to bare the essentials. Your first view of her fully nude figure at the end is quite stunning.

Dig 'er Figure. 7:02

Abby poses now fully naked in several standing, sitting and bend over positions. She spends some time just fondling her boobs before showing off the view up her bare bottom. Though she has nice assets to see up close but the best views are really the more distant views where one can appreciate her amazing figure.

Wicked Wiggle. ITC Favorite 4:07

We stand back and watch now from a distance to take in the mind blowing curves of Abby’s figure in motion as she parades around walking back and forth on the patio. She has surely the most perfectly rounded hips complimented with nice full jiggling boobs, narrow waist, sculpted abs and strong thighs. The front side view as she walks towards you is truly mesmerizing.

Twats the Use. 9:41

Abby uses a slim little vibrator to get herself off while leaning back on the bench. The best pose has her leaning over on her side with her legs up and together displaying some beautiful curves around her ass.