994 Suzie Carina

995 Jade Nile

996 Kalina Ryu

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

Gummy Bare. 16:36

Jade is really smiley throughout her video, almost freakishly so at times though this will surely have a certain charm for most viewers. Her face is constantly changing with all kinds of expressions and always breaking into a wide grin. The elegant dress gets pulled up soon enough to tease you with several butt cheek views. Then with the dress off we spend quite a while admiring her dangling boobs as she bends over and bobbles them in her hands. She spends the rest of this clip showing off her bare pussy and ass while posing on top of the dining table in multiple positions. There’s a very nice up the butt view as she lies on her front on the table with her legs wide open.

How Sit Going? ITC Favorite 8:25

The transparent acrylic stool gets put to good obvious use with Jade sitting on it to provide a great underneath view. It is definitely very interesting to see her pussy and ass mashing up against the clear surface while she rocks back and forth with her girly bits touching the acrylic. Later she turns the stool around and she sits backwards on it with her ass hanging out in mid air. You gets some pretty awesome underneath views as she sits spreading her pussy and ass in your face. The clip ends with another underneath view as she stands spreading her pretty bits over top of you from both the back and the front.

Drama Roll Please. 6:48

Now leaning back in a chair Jade uses a rotating toy in her pussy with a pair of vibrating rabbit ears wrapped tidily around her clitoris. Once again she is pretty dramatic with her facial expressions in this masturbation scene.

Pretty Talkative. 15:17

This is a pretty long behind the scenes clip with lots of talking. You hear an off camera crew person asking her lots of questions prompting some quite interesting responses. We cut in to this conversation as she is talking about her experience of having a broken jaw. The conversation covers many different topics as it progresses. Though she is naked through this clip there is nothing of pornographic interest in it. It will be much more interesting to those who just like to get to know the girl.