989 Staci Carr

990 Abby Cross

991 Blanche Bradburry

Shoot Location: Dominical, Costa Rica

Scene 1

Pretty Froggy out Tonight. 11:04

Abby does her strip tease to a non stop background of frog chatter in the night. Her black and pink striped skirt fits the curves like a glove and gives a nice little tease as she stands over your face pulling it up for a glimpse of panties. She then crawls around on the couch wearing only her thong panties and shoes showing off her beautiful butt curves.

Abby Happy to Show You. 11:13

Abby’s panties soon come down around her thighs to show off the beautiful bare girlie parts in multiple positions. Her pose lying back with her knees up to her chest is especially nice with her big butt curves bulging in your face. Once again you see her crawling around on the couch with her bare naked ass now out in the open. The last few minutes features a great up the butt view while she lies on her front with the legs wide open.

She Cums a Cross Well. 7:52

The masturbation session begins with just fingers rubbing the clitoris and probing inside the vagina. In the second half she continues with a big vibrator to bring herself to an obviously genuine orgasm with visible muscle contractions.

You Glow Girl. ITC Favorite 5:21

Abby finishes the video with a dip in the pool and in the jacuzzi. The scene is not at all explicit but has a beautiful ambience with fantastic colours from the pool lights in the night and light rain drops in the water. There’s some really nice butt shots near the end with the colours of the pool reflecting off her ass while water streams down from her wet hair over her ass.