988 Naomi Nevena

989 Staci Carr

990 Abby Cross

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Stars and Strips. 11:42

Bikini’s don’t get any more patriotic than this and the colours of the set are quite stunning. Besides the usual type of strip tease we also feature a few moments focusing on the feet and the open sandal shoes which virtually leave her feet bare.

Skank Goodness. 9:11

Staci’s nude posing reveals a vagina that almost stays open on it’s own. At first she just stays sitting on the chair spreading her pussy open. Later she moves to a bend over position and a pose lying on her side with more pussy spreading involved. She ends up bending over and squatting her ass back into your face with nice lighting filling all the creases in her bare underside.

There's a Carr Cumming. 5:25

We had a choice of seeing Staci either masturbate like she does at home and have a real orgasm or else show a more revealing pose and fake it. In this case we decided to see the real orgasm. You don’t really see anything between the legs but it is interesting to see how she really does it with her unusual technique. Near the end she turns over onto her front with the camera between her legs to see a slightly more revealing angle while she goes for one more orgasm.

Pumping Gash. 4:54

This dildo masturbation scene is rather the opposite of the previous clip with a front row seat between her legs revealing all the details as she pumps a big green dildo in her pussy resulting in what may be a fake orgasm. There’s some pretty interesting reflections off the water on her thighs in the latter half.

Pose for a Shelfie. 8:22

Staci poses in the water on the shallow shelf in the pool. There’s a pretty nice up the butt view as she lies on her front with the water flowing up and down her pussy slit. The shelf also becomes a small runway with Staci walking and crawling along it. Later she takes a quick dip in the pool having a fun little frolic in the deeper water.

The Great Grass Pee. 1:11

Staci takes a pee on the grass while bending over on knees and elbows allowing for a decent view of her entire underside. Her vagina naturally stays open with no hands while the pee just dribbles out. The rinse in the pool at the end is kind of cute as she wiggles her butt and gets her pussy wet.