990 Abby Cross

991 Blanche Bradburry

992 Nataly Von

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

A Blanche Check. 10:26

Blanche has got the hot porn star look down with her platinum blond hair and killer body while still maintaining all natural body parts and overall wholesome look. Her tease is quite delicious with her red denim dress allowing certain body parts to spill top and bottom while slowly being removed. We spend the last few minutes admiring her black lace panties in standing and bend over poses.

Twat 'n Ass She's got. ITC Favorite 13:05

After a short jiggly ass tease while lying on her front with the panties on the panties come down just under her butt giving a beautiful introduction to her gorgeous naked crack. She looks pretty stunning lying on her side with her spread ass bulging in your face while flashing a very seductive glance at you. There’s some very beautiful leggy poses lying on her back with the legs in the air. The close up pussy views are top quality with a very nice gaping vagina staring you in the face. In the second half she turns onto her front and gives a fabulous view straight up her pussy and ass with more excellent spreading revealing everything. Near the end she squats backwards virtually sitting on your face giving another great view up her privates from directly underneath.

The Czech has Cleared. 8:27

Blanche’s dildo masturbation scene gives some excellent pussy views as she repeatedly pulls the dildo all the way out of her pussy between strokes and her vagina stays wide open every time. Then with lots of pumping motion she brings the action to a breathless climax. You can see lots of foamy white juices spilling out of her pussy at the end after she is done with the toy.

Blanche Back Bury. 9:15

Blanche’s beautiful ass gets some well deserved attention in this anal masturbation scene. She starts with just one finger poking her ass hole and then uses a lumpy glass dildo. After starting lying on her side she moves to the bend over position and picks up the momentum somewhat. Her anus is quite large, beautiful and flawless and is well displayed as she repeatedly takes the toy all the way out of her ass.