981 Adriana Brill

982 Kalina Ryu

983 Chloe Amour

Shoot Location: Rancho Mirage, California

There’s great things to come from this new model with this being just the first of many releases. Consider this a teaser as we’re saving the best for later.

Scene 1

Seoul Survivor. 8:23

This night time set seems somewhat reminiscent of the TV series Survivor with the surrounding fire and tropical design. The beginning is shot zoomed in from a distance as Kalina dances around feeling like a princess on her island. Much of this clip is not particularly graphic but sets an interesting mood with the fire and water at night. However there is one especially explicit shot with Kalina spreading her pussy while squatting over your face getting an excellent gape.

All Fired up. 6:56

Now lying back on a deck chair Kalina gets busy with own unique way of masturbating with one finger twitching around in her pussy slit. She gets quite enthusiastic towards the climax of the clip with her fingers darting around quickly and pounding her pussy. She does an excellent pussy spread to end the clip with her vagina pried wide open.

Cabana Madness. 1:28

Kalina’s quirky personality spills out in this brief outtake as she does goofy lap dances for her imaginary friends.

Dip Chick. 6:51

After a quick bit of dancing around in the cabana we go for a swim in the pool with Kalina. It’s not very explicit at all and yet it’s all very pretty to watch with a beautiful set and interesting lighting. Her under water swimming to end the video is especially nice with her body turning yellow in the pool lights against the green water and her long hair flowing behind her.

Scene 2

Masturbasian. 11:22

This was Kalina’s original casting video shot on a different day and with minimal make up. There’s a brief tease with a very nice upskirt view and a little panty tease before she gets naked and gapes her pussy in your face. She clearly loves what she does as she wears a big smile as she begins to masturbate. She does a unique bit of finger humping while lying on her front. Then lying on her back her finger action becomes fast and frenzied as she enthusiastically frigs her pussy to a climax.