980 Christiana Cinn

981 Adriana Brill

982 Kalina Ryu

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Just for the Brill of it. 13:04

Adriana’s video starts with some very teasing upskirt views showing just a hint of her amazing ass cheeks under her short hemline. It’s not long before her dress slides up over her ass and we get non stop beautiful butt views as she handles her butt cheeks with her hands. Her thong panties hide only the bare necessities while still revealing an amazingly shapely undercarriage, especially in the bend over position. There’s also a decent amount of bare ass nudity as she pulls her panties aside and later pulls them down around her thighs.

Modern Arse Exhibit. 14:16

With all the clothes now off Adriana spends quite a while just showing off her bare ass and pussy while lying on the couch in a number of very revealing positions. We spend extended periods of time just gazing straight up her beautiful ass from between her open legs. This includes some excellent close up views literally right in her ass crack admiring her flawless anus with shapely ass cheeks surrounding your face. She then poses in a crabwalk position for a while and finally turns around to squat backwards with her ass hovering over your face for quite a long time. The clip ends with a beautiful bend over pose baring all the prettiest parts of her body. Virtually the entire clip just soaks in up the ass views taking in her best assets from her best angles.

Tiny Toy 'n Twat. 6:58

Adriana uses a small vibrator in this masturbation scene with some insertion but mostly just rubbing it against her clitoris. She spends some time in a crabwalk position with her butt hovering in mid air while working the toy on her pussy. The best part of this clip has her lying on her front giving an awesome view up her super curvy ass while slowly humping her pussy up and down against the vibrator. The action may be slightly lacking but the pretty bits on display more than make up for that.

Stuck Behind a Slow Poke. 7:58

We get plenty of beautiful close up ass crack views in this anal masturbation scene as Adriana uses the same small toy to dabble in her ass. There is no real enthusiastic ass fucking but once again she makes a very nice display of gorgeous ass parts with slow ass hole fiddling and poking.