982 Kalina Ryu

983 Chloe Amour

984 Carol Luna

Shoot Location: Dominical, Costa Rica

This video has ambience on steroids, perhaps even too much as jungle sounds gradually give way to crashing thunder and a torrential downpour. Depending on your perspective this will either add to the excitement or may be a distraction.

Scene 1

It's a Jungle out there. 26:10

Chloe makes her return to ITC looking somewhat slimmer than her last time around and wearing a nicely coordinated blue and navy outfit with a form fitting short skirt. She spends about a third of this clip teasing in her lacy blue panties before getting bottomless. Then standing over your face she slowly dances around while giving you a fantastic view straight up her naked ass. There’s also a great low angle view up the ass while she sits backwards on a chair with her butt hovering out in mid air over your face. Finally lying on her front on top of the table we move right on up her ass crack to admire her anus at sniffing distance with every detail glistening in the light. Unfortunately the rain sounds in the last 2 thirds of this clip come out more like white noise and may not be so appealing to some.

Thunder Fuck. 12:43

The gods got a little angry at the debauchery during Chloe’s masturbation scene, though it didn’t seem to distract her much as she continues to fuck on right through all of the craziness. Audio warning: You may want to turn down the volume as several very close lightning strikes peaked out our audio recording devise and likely may do the same to your speakers as well. There’s two different toys involved in this scene with Chloe first fucking herself with a porcelain dildo and then using a heavy duty plug in vibrator to get herself off. She gets a little creamy while using the vibrator with a little patch of pussy juice gathering around her vagina. At the end of this scene she is completely drenched in sweat partly from the hot humid climate but mostly from the intense action of the scene.