955 Lexa

956 Amirah Adara

957 Whitney Conroy

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Tight Tempt Dress. 19:59

It would be difficult to find a better fitting dress than this with Amirah’s tight curves barely constrained under the material. A sneaky low angle view shows a hint of her panties and her pussy lips simultaneously as she wears crotchless panties under the dress. She strikes a few leggy poses on the chair before moving onto the bed showing off a beautiful short hemline tease with her butt and crotch hanging out the bottom of her dress. As soon as she spreads her legs virtually her entire pussy is exposed thanks to the crotchless panties. She soon pulls the panties completely aside revealing her ass crack to you. Then lying on her back she wraps the panty strings tightly around her pussy lips and flicks them over her lips making them bulge under the pressure. Finally she stands up and spreads her ass in your face with some nice butt slapping and tight booty bounces involved. You get to see a lot of feminine anatomy through this strip tease clip even though the dress and panties don’t come off until the end of it.

Adarable Assets. 4:31

With Amirah now completely naked she shows off her super tight underside with some bend over posing and a little bit of slow squirming and light spreading. You also see her lying on her front and side with her bare pussy and ass well exposed for maximum ogling.

It's Amirah Crawl. 9:47

There’s a lot of crawling around in this clip with Amirah continually moving around in circles on the bed. She makes good use of the limited space to show off her amazing figure in motion with views from all sides thanks to the circular motion. Besides the most obvious assets you may also find yourself admiring her beautiful long hair which is tossed around and draped very nicely throughout this video.

Slap Squats Sighting. 3:33

Amirah squats upright with her butt hovering directly over your face giving you a very revealing view straight up her spread ass. There’s lots of light butt slapping and bouncing showing off her tight jiggles.

Vibe Rate her a Ten. 7:09

Amirah uses a strong vibrator to bring her self to a climax. There’s no leaking of fluids but there does appear to be at least one genuine orgasm with some visible muscle contraction. After orgasming lying on her back she turns onto her front to start again while giving you a great view up her ass between wide open legs.

The Dabbles 'n the Details. 7:27

Now lying on her side Amirah uses her finger and a slim toy to dabble up her ass hole. There’s some very nice close up views in her crack showing all the details of her anus and pussy lips when the toy comes out. She also does poses bending over and lying on her front with her legs wide open. Don’t expect any heavy masturbation action in this as it is mostly just light penetration for show.