936 Vicki Chase

937 Foxy Di

938 Betty

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Gold World Charm. 16:12

New model Foxy poses in a very opulent and ornate room teasing with her gold skirt and giving some fantastic views up her ass with just a small panty thong covering the bare essentials. She has one of the tidiest little butts you will ever see with firm cheeks and and beautiful shape in her curvy little undercarriage. There’s a short interlude of boob fondling before she strips off her blouse and skirt and then we resume the ass worship with the panties still on but often pulled completely aside to reveal the naughty bits. There about a minute of full body nudity at the end revealing a remarkably firm and tidy figure.

Di's Assets are Nice. 24:53

We take a long time to thoroughly ogle and explore Foxy’s completely naked body throughout this extensive clip. The poses are too numerous to mention but rest assured that the looks amazing bending over and squatting on your face. The best poses are held for a long time giving you plenty of time to soak your brains in her gorgeous pussy and ass. There’s an excellent segment with Foxy sitting backwards on a chair showing off the curves of her back and of course the naughty view looking straight up her ass from below. In the last ten minutes she gets down on the rug and shows various poses rolling around on the floor, all the while giving you some excellent views up her naked pussy and ass. The last couple of minutes features a bit of very sexy crawling action with Foxy repeatedly crawling back and forth across the room.

Foxy Lay Di. 9:17

Foxy gets down on the rug with a big purple rubber dildo. The moaning is obviously contrived but the dildo penetration is very pretty combined with some excellent and unusual positions. She manages to maintain a crabwalk position with her ass hovering in mid air while continuing to fuck her pussy with her one free hand. It’s perhaps not the most natural position to masturbate in but it gives a fantastic view of her underside in action. There’s a pretty decent pussy spread at the end with two fingers prying her vagina open, though the lighting is perhaps not the best.

Carpet Tunnel Syndrome. 5:43

Foxy uses a speculum in her pussy while lying on the rug on the floor. The close up inside views reveal a very clean vagina glistening with moistness. The lighting conditions come and go somewhat with a few slightly less than ideal moments.