934 Chloe Amour

935 Jasmine Wolff

936 Vicki Chase

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

Hot Jasmine Tease. 13:54

Jasmine’s strip tease takes a pretty slow pace with plenty of attention paid to the butt of her jean shorts. The shorts come off half way through this clip revealing a really nice ass with super sexy mesh panties hugging the curves of her ass. Her butt looks amazing when she lies on her front doing nothing much other than very slowly squirming her ass around. She does a very sexy and subtle little booty bounce with her gorgeous curves lightly jiggling in the air. The panties remain on through all of this for a nice long booty tease.

This is See an End. ITC Favorite 13:49

While still lying on her front Jasmine pulls her panties down just under her ass and does a beautiful ass spread with her butt thrust up into your face. She then turns onto her side and spreads her ass in your face and also poses doggy style all with her panties down around her thighs. With the panties then gone she strikes a nice pose lying on her back with her legs up and together. She then opens her legs and spreads her pussy wide open producing a pretty decent vagina gape. Once again she ends up lying on her front doing a subtle little booty bounce. The last few minutes has her lying on her front with her legs open and her butt thrust up in the air giving a really revealing look straight up her pussy and ass. All of her movements are slow giving you plenty of time to get a really clear view of all of her private areas.

Wolff Blitzer. 8:37

Now lying on her back Jasmine uses a large and powerful vibrator on her clitoris to bring on an orgasm. Though the toy is really big the way she uses it hardly hides anything as it is mostly positioned slightly above the clitoris exposing virtually all of her pussy. In the second half she slides her ass off the couch and just leans back against the couch with her ass hanging in mid air giving an awesome view of her entire underside while she vibrates her pussy to another orgasm.

Docked her Pepper. 6:44

Now lying on her side on the couch Jasmine lubes up her anus and dips one finger up her ass in preparation for a pepper shaped glass toy up her ass. At first there’s isn’t so much ass pounding action as she mostly just dabbles the toy in her ass hole giving you plenty of opportunities to just look at her anus when the toy comes out. Later bending over with her ass in the air and the toy up her butt she starts rubbing her pussy with her other hand bringing the scene to a climax. In the last minute she ends up lying on her front with her legs open to give you one last look up her ass as she dabbles one finger up her ass.