781 Claudie

782 Rosemary Radeva

783 Gina Devine

Shoot Location: St John, US Virgin Islands

Scene 1

Purple Panty Pleaser. 9:03

Rosemary's panties stay on through most of this clip and yet you still get a very nice eyeful of bare pussy and ass when she pulls the thong out of her ass crack. Her cheerful personality is quite obvious with some big smiles and giggles on the odd occasion.

For Sits and Giggles. ITC Favorite 16:23

With Rosemary now completely naked we spend a good amount of time just admiring her immaculate pussy and ass. She has surely the tightest ass on the site and surprising shapeliness for a slender girl. Her bend over posing is really awesome showing off a completely flawless undercarriage and beautiful curves. Her giggly and fun character is once again quite evident as she seems to enjoy squatting on your face.

A Pretty Rad Diva. ITC Favorite 13:57

Rosemary uses a tooth shaped vibrator while sitting on the edge of the bathtub and produces a squirt almost right away. There are in fact multiple squirting orgasms sprinkled throughout this masturbation scene with two different toys and several positions. For a short while she squats with her ass hovering in mid air giving a great view under her ass while she squirts. She ends up lying flat on her back on the bathroom floor vibrating her pussy to several more squirting orgasms. You can clearly see her vagina pushing out as each squirt approaches. Her breathing is almost breathless as she virtually hyperventilates after each orgasm.

The Dream Clean. 9:32

Rosemary now takes a bath in the large luxurious bathtub with lots of soapy suds. After a rather elegant intro we get right down into the tub for some fantastic ass views as she lies on her front with her butt floating in and out of the waterline. There's a very sexy ass washing session with Rosemary on her knees bending over and liquid soap and water streaming over her ass.