740 Bailey Ryder

741 Anikka Albrite & Cherie DeVille

742 Anikka, Riley & Cherie

Shoot Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

The theme of this messy food extravaganza is similar enough throughout that it could have been one giant clip though the lengthy proportions and file sizes of this video dictate that we had to split it up. This video went much longer than expected as the girls just kept on going without any direction from us and we weren't about to stop them.

Scene 1

Turn on Delights. ITC Favorite 33:09

This extensive lesbian scene makes imaginative use of various fruits and champagne with Anikka getting pretty much all of the attention at this point. Anikka's spectacular ass soon becomes the main focus of attention with multiple fun activities showing off her amazingly voluptuous mounds. Cherie takes great delight in pouring champagne down Anikka's ass crack and slurping it up out of her crack. There's some pretty enthusiastic ass eating with Cherie fully burying her face up Anikka's deep ass crack. It's pretty obvious that Cherie has genuine lesbian tendencies as she eats Anikka out with genuine glee and passion. Cherie does an extensive pussy munching session while finger banging Anikka's pussy at the same time. In the last 10 minutes the action returns to Anikka's amazing ass with Cherie genuinely worshipping her ass, feeling her out, pouring champagne down her ass and enthusiastically eating her ass out. There's a couple of minutes of playful goofiness at the end of this clip.

Cherie Pickin'. 10:01

When Cherie's panties finally come off it is immediately obvious how much fun she's been having as her pussy is literally dripping out girl juice while she is just standing there. She briefly gets distracted with eating Anikka's pussy one more time before she gives up her turn for a little pussy licking. Anikka works her fingers inside Cherie's pussy at the same time as she sucks on her clitoris gradually working up to an intense climax.

Sham Pain in the Ass. 6:06

The champagne plays a major role now as Anikka pours it down Cherie's ass crack and licks it out of her crack while she poses bending over with her ass in the air. There's tons of beautiful ass views with big lollipop licks going right up her crack from clit to asshole.

The Cream Team. ITC Favorite 19:15

A can of whipped cream now comes into the scene with generous gobs of cream making it into both girls ass cracks and getting eaten out. After a somewhat cautious start things become more interesting when Cherie gets her hands and dirty mind on Anikka's amazing ass. She eventually smears the cream all over Anikka's ass and gets her face right in there to eat her out and worship her ass. This is the perfect combination of one of the best asses we're ever shot along with one of the best ass worshippers we've ever shot. In the latter portions of this clip the mood becomes more playful as Cherie sits right on top of Anikka's ass to squirm their butt cheeks together.

Ice Capades. 9:51

The action wraps up with the girls experimenting with ice cubes in their cracks. There's a beautiful close up view with an ice cube just sitting and melting in Anikka's anus crater and Cherie then eating it out. Cherie then gingerly stuffs the ice in Anikka's vagina and lets it melt out. The girls then switch positions with Cherie squirming her butt in the air while Anikka dabbles the ice cubes in her ass crack and pussy slit. The view up Cherie's ass is quite awesome as Anikka teases her with the ice making her squirm.