060 Angela & Jo

061 Eve

062 May

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Lovely Eve does a long strip tease in the first scene but then doesn't wear a single stitch of clothing beyond the first clip.

Scene 1

Evocative. 20:01

This first clip is mostly just a really long strip tease with lots of sexy eye contact, breast play, and panty tease. Eve really has the face of an angel and perfect breasts which she spends some time jiggling all over the place. Near the end Eve teases you with her panties pulling the thong out of her crack several times to show you her naked pussy and ass.

Assking for it. 8:44

Now Eve shows you all of her best parts completely naked. There's a whole lot of bum spreading first standing right over your face and then on her knees with her bum in the air. The wide angle lens combined with her ass up pose really enhances her shape making her spread bum really round and curvy. At the end Eve makes her bum cheeks bounce open and closed in a really sexy wobbly motion with her naked pussy and anus on display between dancing cheeks.

Double Dipping. 14:16

Eve spends most of this clip in a fabulous pose lying on her side on the couch. It's an awesome pose for showing off her great ass curves and her legs. If you like big prominent bums this should work for you, not so much because she has a huge ass but because the pose just makes it seem that way. You'll love the way she yanks up on her ass cheek with 2 hands spreading her wide ass even wider. While in this position Eve dips her fingers in both of her holes and you also get a super close up view of her finger dabbling in her ass hole. Later she shows off her pussy and ass muscles in motion and there's a close up vagina view.

Do the Blue. 5:09

Eve mounts a huge blue dildo stuck to the arm of the couch and rides it over your face. The action is a little tentative for a while but she does get going pretty good after a while. Of primary interest here is the great camera angle looking up her ass while she rides the enormous shaft of the dildo.

Buried Treasure. 4:19

Eve stuffs a string of pearls up her anus and pulls them out several times over. Again it's not so much the action but the view point which is absolutely brilliant. You get a fabulous close up view of her anus with the pearls coming out while you see her angelic face in the background at the same time. You'll have a hard time finding a better view up a girl's ass than this.

Scene 2

Kiss 'er in the Pisser. ITC Favorite 6:17

This should rank as one of our best pee scenes to date. There's lots of pee lasting for quite a long time, it's super graphic, and it's right in your face. Yes she does literally pee right in your face at less than one inch distance and you can soak and wallow in every last drop and explicit detail of it. The lighting is not always perfect since the camera blocks some light but you'll still see everything clearly. Afterwards Eve wipes your face and then her pussy and her ass.

Scene 3

Eve'll Floor ya. 10:49

For the most part this is like a nude floor show routine. At the beginning you see Eve walking up and down the hallway in a brief catwalk before getting down on the floor to show off her lovely body in motion. There's a fair amount of crawling around on the floor and bums up poses followed by lots of ass spreading lying on her front with legs spread and also some flexing of the anus muscle.

Scene 4

Lather Nice. 15:52

Eve spends a luxurious 15+ minutes in the bath just playing in the water, soaping up her breasts and ass, and posing in every way you can imagine. She does a really nice squishy soapy breast massage and also shows off her ass bobbing up and down in the water. Don't miss this one if you like watching the anus muscle in action too.