617 Zorah White

618 Jinx Maze

619 Chloe Starr

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

A Maze in Grays. 11:37

Jinx does lots of dancing around in her tight mini skirt at the beginning of this strip tease. She takes her time getting her clothes off and there is a really nice panty tease. As soon as the panties come down she immediately spreads her ass wide in your face giving a very explicit introduction to her naked girlie bits. Near the end you see her posing completely bottomless while still wearing her shirt on top.

A New Clear Bum. ITC Favorite 6:50

We put the unique glass stool to good use in this clip as Jinx sits her ass on the glass giving you an awesome view from underneath. Virtually the whole time she lightly squirms her ass around on the seat causing her pussy lips to alternately stick and peel off the glass. You get a fantastic view of her anus through the glass and the big wide ass curves are mesmerizing. This is one of the horniest views you will find on the site.

Toy Jam. 9:06

Now lying back on the counter top Jinx uses a small vibrator which she just jams against her clitoris through most of this masturbation scene. It takes her a while to work up to a climax but there appears to be at least two real orgasms in this video. You don't see so much juice during the masturbation but when she spreads her pussy at the end you can see her vagina is sopping wet with her cum.